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Dissident Daughters 002: Parenting After Mormonism

Leaving a high demand religion leaves you to figure out life on your own. But it’s not all bad! We tell about our experiences of being parented in Mormonism as well as being Mormon parents. And then compare that with parenting post Mormonism. Listen to find out how it’s going. Hint: It’s WAY better!


6 thoughts on “Dissident Daughters 002: Parenting After Mormonism”

  1. I am absolutely loving your series. It is wonderful to relate to what has happened for you. My wife and I have been thinking the same on every topic you guys bring up. For post mormons we need your voices especially from the feminine view which is usually left out in the church.

    Thank you. I look forward to your next podcast.

  2. Dissident Daughters,

    I’ve listened to almost 200 episodes of Radio Free Mormon (please tell him I say hi) and only started branching outward into the other MormonDiscussions podcasts recently. I started listening as research for a story that I’ve been writing (I’m a never-Mormon), but I got hooked so fast on the dialogues you guys have, on an entertainment level and also on an educational level.

    I listened to the first two episodes of your podcast while I was at work today and I almost cried.

    I am a bisexual trans woman, largely in the closet, and the back-and-forth between the two of you made me wish so badly that either or both of you were my biological mother. My mother doesn’t know about my identity, and the conversations we have are so subtly toxic and unhealthy, and I have to wear such a thick mask to cover my real self because I’m scared to show her. She’s an evangelical Christian Baptist, and that’s where I was raised, so there’s a deepseated fear of coming out and telling her the real purposes behind my writings.

    I just wanted to say that. I don’t have any comments or criticisms yet, and I don’t know if I’ll post them if I do, but I just really, really loved the conversations you two ladies have and I wish desperately that I had a mother figure like one of you in my life.
    -Katie R.

    1. Hi Katie, I’m so sorry I’m so late to respond to you! 🙁 I don’t check here very often and missed your message. I am so honored that you felt so connected to us and our stories. You have no idea how much that means to us. I’m sorry that you haven’t received the love from your mom that you deserved. I know exactly how that feels. I’ve had to learn to give myself the love and connection and validation that my mom never gave me. Hang in there and thank you for your beautiful feedback, that’s why we do this!

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