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Emancipate Your Mind: 010: How to Actively Listen in Conversations with Marriage Therapist, Kevin Hales

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When was the last time you had someone really tune into what you were saying?

Give your their undivided attention?

Take in your words, really think them over, and then check back in with you to make sure they understand what you are trying to convey?

When was the last time you were asked curiosity questions without preconceived judgment to clarify your message so the other person can really be on the same page with you and understand your experience?

If you are like most of us in this busy and distracted world, this is a rare occurrence.

People may hear us, but often we don’t feel like they’re really understanding us.

When someone really takes the time to give us their undivided attention and they listen with the intent to understand our perspective, it can feel like an incredible gift.

Bringing this skill to our relationships can quickly improve the quality of communication and trust between us and the ones we love the most.

Join Licensed Professional Therapist, Kevin Hales, and me for our last episode together on improving communication in our relationships and how you can begin active listening for better connection today.


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