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Emancipate Your Mind: 019: Creating Healthy Boundaries

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If you struggle with people pleasing and/or codependent patterns with people you care about, it’s at least in part because you struggle with setting healthy boundaries.

So many of us were taught that not having clear boundaries was a sign of love and trust.

But actually, it’s the exact opposite.

Trusting relationships all include healthy boundaries. You cannot have a relationship where both parties feel safe without also having clear, defined boundaries and the ability to discuss what is ok and not ok with all parties involved.

If you’ve tried to set boundaries before but have been unsuccessful, this episode will walk you through the common mistakes we’ve all made and the steps to take instead to create boundaries that are clear, kind, and well communicated.

After all, boundaries are all about giving the people we care about the best chance to have healthy, trusting, and deeply connected relationships with us.

And ultimately, they are also about keeping us and those we care about safe.


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