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Emancipate Your Mind: 020: Reparenting Your Inner Child

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Today we’re talking about something different and a little woo-woo but that has also been so effective in helping many of my clients and me heal from wounds created in our childhood.

All of us have some trauma in our past. Sometimes we experience big T trauma: things we usually think of as traumatic, neglect or abuse on a grand scale, PTSD, or other such recognized events. But all of us experience small t trauma in our childhoods and throughout our lives. These are events that were deeply upsetting or terrifying that shaped the way we viewed the world, our relationships, and ourselves.

Many of us ruminate on these events and often wish we could go back in time and change them. We may hold resentments that the adults in our lives didn’t respond in ways that would help us move through the trauma and feel safe again.

And while it is impossible to go back and change events in the past, it is absolutely possible to go back and heal the emotional wounds our inner child may still be carrying.

In this episode, I describe one of the methods I use for reclaiming and healing those stories from our childhood. I take you through the process of adopting and reparenting your inner child and giving that child the love, attention, compassion, and protection that they needed in the past to heal the patterns we created to protect ourselves in the present.


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