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Emancipate Your Mind: 023: What Is Religious Trauma Syndrome?

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Sometimes one of the most helpful tools for healing is understanding what is going on.

When we know that the grief, anger, confusion, fear, loneliness, and sense of feeling displaced are all common when you’re experiencing religious trauma, it can make it easier to be patient with ourselves throughout the experience.

You may also experience nightmares, dissociation, flashbacks, or other symptoms common to PTSD.

Knowing what we’re experiencing also helps us seek out help instead of heaping more shame onto our shoulders as we move towards healing our wounds.

In this episode, we explore the syndrome identified by Dr. Marlene Winell in 2011 that describes the common symptoms those with religious trauma experience along with some of my own experiences with the symptoms to help you better identify your own experiences.

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains mentions of religious, sexual, and physical abuse.



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