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Emancipate Your Mind: 025: Healthy Positivity vs. Toxic Positivity

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There’s no doubt that those who are able to look at life’s challenges with hope and optimism enjoy a lot of proven benefits.

They have less stress, better health, and live longer. They also are able to bounce back from life’s challenges with more resilience.

However, sometimes our quest for positivity can actually be harmful. When it encourages us to stuff our difficult emotions and put on a happy face, we can actually cause ourselves micro trauma. Not to mention, when we stuff difficult emotions, we lose touch with our inner knowing and our ability to trust ourselves to handle difficult things.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to cultivate healthy positivity while avoiding toxic positivity messages you often hear in society and in high demand religion.

TRIGGER WARNING: I do read some Bible verses in this episode to illustrate toxic positivity messages in the Bible and how they are used in Christianity.

Also in this episode, I announced that I am offering a FREE 4-day online course on healing perfectionism. The course is called “Empowered Imperfection” and it’ll go live this week.

To receive the free course, check in on Wednesday at my website and click on the popup for the free course. Add yourself to our newsletter and you’ll be automatically sent the course in your email.

I’ve found that healing our perfectionism tendencies helps us identify and live as our authentic selves so much faster.

I hope you LOVE it!


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