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Emancipate Your Mind: 026: Healing Trauma with Mindfulness Practice

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Over the past decade, so much research has emerged showing that mindfulness, or the practice of being completely focused on the present, is not just helpful for calming our nervous systems, helping us focus, and helping us feel more satisfied with our lives, but can also help people who are healing from trauma.

When we’re able to focus on the present, instead of ruminating over the past or living in worry about the future, we’re able to anchor into a sense of safety while we observe painful emotions and thoughts without getting swept away by them and reliving the trauma.

In this episode, I explore my own experiences with mindfulness along with the general experiences of my clients, in moving towards healing and feeling safe again.

Also in this episode, I announced that I am offering a FREE 4-day online course on healing perfectionism. The course is called “Empowered Imperfection” and it’ll go live this week.

To receive the free course, check in on Wednesday at my website and click on the popup for the free course. Add yourself to our newsletter and you’ll be automatically sent the course in your email.

I’ve found that healing our perfectionism tendencies helps us identify and live as our authentic selves so much faster.

I hope you LOVE it!


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