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Emancipate Your Mind: 027: Understanding Numbing Behaviors

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Everyone numbs emotionally from time to time when we’re overwhelmed and we’re not sure how to process what we’re experiencing.

Any substance or behavior can be used as a numbing mechanism if we do it to avoid feeling difficult emotions or to avoid exploring difficult thoughts.

While the we gain the benefit of escape for a short time, there are also consequences when we numb. We know from Brene Brown’s research that we can’t selectively numb emotions and that when we habitually numb difficult emotions, we also mute emotions that we hope to experience; like peace, calm, happiness, contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, and joy.

In this episode, we explore the whole experience of numbing and how to begin to allow ourselves permission to become mindful of our behavior so that we can weigh the cost/benefit ratio of engaging in numbing behaviors. In this way, when we decide and plan to numb, we do it with consciousness and integrity.
In this episode, I mention that many of us who transition out of high demand religion experience what feels like a loss of identity. We may not know who we are, what we want, what we value or even believe anymore without the church in our lives. It can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming.

If this sounds like you, I’ve just released a brand new self-paced program called “Reclaim Your Identity”. The 5 weeks of modules take you through the process that has helped dozens of my clients begin to reconnect with themselves and begin feeling confident making decisions from their own inner wisdom. The group also comes with live coaching support in a private Facebook group with others also reconnecting with their authentic identities.

It’s the perfect place to allow yourself to explore who you authentically are and where you want to go from here.


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