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Emancipate Your Mind: 037: What We Know About How Intuition Works

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All of the most innovative and successful people report that intuition is a big part of their success. Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs…even Paul McCartney.

It’s no wonder that we’d want to know more about how this process works. This is why in recent years, with the improvements in brain imaging and the expansion of our understanding of neurology, science has turned to trying to understand what intuition is and how it works.

While we understand more than we ever have about how intuition might work from a purely scientific perspective, there is still so much we don’t know. Some find answers in the spiritual or divine. In some ways, we have more questions about the process now than we ever have had before.

For me, that doesn’t matter so much as knowing that intuition is important for our success and happiness and understanding how our own intuitive voice speaks to us.

In this episode we’ll cover what intuition is and discuss the different methods your intuitive voice may speak to you. We’ll also geek out a bit about how you can use the incredible power of your brain to help you become more creative in your problem solving and make more confident decisions going forward.



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