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Emancipate Your Mind: 049: Enough Already- Beginning the New Year’s Growth From a Mindset of Self-Acceptance

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The underlying mindset we have about our inherent worth and acceptability can make a big difference in how we experience growth for the year.

There is a big difference in the mindset of “I need to change so that I am worthy of love” vs “I love myself so I want to change.”

In this episode, we explore the addictive and cyclic nature of chasing approval especially at New Year’s and what often leads us to abandon our goals and embrace our coping patterns as we move forward.

We discuss how this cycle likely began, its function now, and how we can begin to get off of the merry-go-round and root into self acceptance exactly as we are.

This self acceptance gives us the freedom and courage to flow with the mistakes that are an integral part of the learning process, course correct easily, and feel good about ourselves now and as we move forward.


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