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Emancipate Your Mind: 052: How Believing in an Abusive God Affects Our Identity with Kyle Bishop

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If you were raised in a high demand religion you were likely taught about a punitive, narcissistic, abusive, or codependent god.

In this discussion with fellow Deconstruction Coach, Kyle Bishop, we discuss some of the red flags of an abusive, narcissistic, or codependent god and how we were conditioned from a young age to enter into codependent relationships with this version of god.

We further discuss how believing in this kind of god affects our sense of self worth and causes us to judge, criticize, and separate ourselves from others to help ourselves feel better.

We also talk about how we can take back our power through confronting and being honest about our shadow self, learning to look for validation from within instead of from outside sources (including god), and allowing ourselves to to let the parts of us that no longer serve us burn away.

Kyle bravely talks about non-conventional tools, like psychedelics, to help us break down the subconscious barriers and begin to move grief and trauma through the body.


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