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RFM: 232: Magic and Mormonism Part 3

RFM has saved the best for last in this third and final installment of his landmark series on Magic and Mormonism.

Turns out all those hours of practicing magic as a kid weren’t a complete waste of time after all!


2 thoughts on “RFM: 232: Magic and Mormonism Part 3”

  1. The “Magic and Mormonism” series is genius! Just as important as the sleight of hand is the inclusion of natural human proclivities and biases in your analysis. Rings so true!

  2. Aloha RFM: I agree with the comment above…genius.

    I must also say that I went back to your very first four episodes. I want to thank you for the clarity of your presentations, your reliance upon primary sources, and your razor keen awareness of evidence to illuminate the truth.


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