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Almost Awakened: 092: Glimpsing the Soul with Philip McLemore

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In the Yoga tradition, there is a state of consciousness called, Atma Darshan, which simply means, “Glimpsing the Soul”. In todays episode we sit down with Philip McLemore as he shares preparatory “direct awareness” practices that have helped individuals “Glimpse their Soul”, which either motivated them to establish a practice or gain a vision of what the practice is intended to help them realize. The idea is to help the individual’s “taste” or “touch” his/her inner being or essential nature, in a simple, practical way, that doesn’t require months or years of practice. Today we give you the tools to glimpse your own soul which can be a catalyst for a deeper awareness and a more awakened life. We end discussing psychoactive substances as Tools to “glimpsing the soul”

The Meditation Practices:

1.) Gazing into a mirror to lookinto one’s own eyes to awaken awareness of a deeper or stable “Presence/Self” in self and others. Or Gazing into the eyes of another while asking the question, “What is the difference between you and me?” See Another’s Humanity and see yourself within them

2.) To awaken awareness of a continuity of a deeper or stable “Presence/Self” using a practice called “Life Review”, one examines how life and self have been experienced throughout one’s developmental stages in 5-to-10-year increments from as far back as one can remember to the present. One realizes that despite monumental physical, mental, and emotional changes throughout life, there has always been an unchanging, stable “Presence/Self”. – This process can be reversed and sometimes unveils repressed emotions, the source of “shadow” tendencies, and an understanding of how one’s essential nature has been limited or restricted by normal, human, developmental stages.

3.) To awaken awareness of an expanded self beyond time and space. – Sky or Star Gazing in such a way as to transfer the perception and experience of Infinity into oneself.

4.) Self-Inquiry or the Via Negativa. – Through contemplation of a series of questions, one “subtracts” the changing and temporal aspects of one’s “self” to discover what remains. – The question, “Who (or What) am I?”, is contemplated after reflection on a progressive series of questions such as, “Am I the body?” (Am I my arm, eyes, hands? ect… “Am I my thoughts?”; “Am I my emotions?”; and so forth, ie. personality characteristics, life circumstances, etc.

5.) To awaken awareness of the deeper “I” behind the “Me” using the the “Me” vs “I” contemplation.

6.) To awaken awareness of “the” or “a” deeper reality in self. – Difficult for traditional LDS, the “God (or Creative Energy of the universe) IN Me; God (or Creative Energy of the universe) AS Me” contemplation

7.) To awaken awareness of deeper “life” within or expanded “life” beyond self. – Use of vibration, chanting, or music. – Use of breath and/or “life force” within then without. – Use of breathing techniques like, Wim Hof Breathing, that can stimulate productio


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