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Dissident Daughters: 005: A Little Bit Culty

In this episode we discuss how the church engages in cult like behavior, even exhibiting all 9 of the main themes of cult membership as described by Steven Hassan in his book “Combating Cult Mind Control”. Steve Hassan is a cult researcher and the leading expert on cult mind control tactics. We discuss how the church uses mind control to manipulate it’s members into strict obedience and loyalty to the church organization.


2 thoughts on “Dissident Daughters: 005: A Little Bit Culty”

  1. Starting to feel alone in trying to make the church a healthier space for everyone else.

    Church isn’t as bad as you guys make it sound, I still enjoy being active. I suppose Church is healthier when you recognize it’s unhealthy aspects and are able to avoid it.

    1. Hi David, thank you for your comment. I responded to it in our next episode #6 if you want to go listen! But I agree and I understand where you are coming from and appreciate your insight.

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