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Emancipate Your Mind: 057: High Demand Religion and Mental Health with Charisse from The Existential Ginger

In this episode, Charisse from The Existential Ginger podcast explores high demand religion, mental health, and suicidal ideation.

We talk about how to recognize some of the signs and symptoms, what to do if you’re experiencing suicidal ideation, and how to help if you know someone who is.


Listen to her podcast “The Existential Ginger” everywhere you love to listen to podcasts. She’s on all of the directories and this year she’s getting more philosophical, which is going to be an exciting adventure!

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1 thought on “Emancipate Your Mind: 057: High Demand Religion and Mental Health with Charisse from The Existential Ginger”

  1. Very interesting and relevant episode, hope a lot of people tune into it. From the way you guys sound today one would think you’ve never had a hard time in your life… which isn’t true for anybody.

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