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Radio Free Mormon: 235: LDS LAW

RFM talks about his background in law from over thirty-years of practice, and applies those principles to the LDS Church. By the end, we start to get a good idea why it is the LDS Church seems to like to call lawyers to positions of leadership–especially over the Church Historian’s Office!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 235: LDS LAW”

  1. This one. I resigned in 2007 and have been reading message boards since then. I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts about the LDS Wreck. I’ve read books.
    But never have I heard a distillation about the true nature of the corporation that explains its modus operandi the way this one does. This one lays bare the sickening truth. This one explains why there are no apologies, what the corporation is defending, and why work from within is fruitless. The insidious truth is revealed in this conversation.

    RFM and Scott: Thank you.

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