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Dissident Daughters: 008: Learning to Trust Ourselves

The church taught us not to listen to our own knowing but to trust the leaders, follow their directions. So when we left the church we had to learn how to listen to our own knowing instead of subverting our power to the patriarchy of the church. It’s difficult but it can be done and it’s so freeing!


2 thoughts on “Dissident Daughters: 008: Learning to Trust Ourselves”

  1. You two are so entertaining you’re about my daughter’s age and I know she would love you only problem is she’s still in the church I totally connect with you on everything you say it’s so wonderful to find someone who thinks just like I do and has gone through the same struggles and successes

    1. Dissident Daughters

      Kathleen, thank you for your comment! I’m so sorry that your daughter is still in the church, I know for me and my family that’s still in the church there is always a disconnect and it’s so difficult. Maybe you can be our exmo mom! haha! Both of our mothers are still very much in the church and it definitely causes that disconnect.

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