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Mormonism LIVE: 072: Neophytes & Lamanites In The Book of Mormon

We sit down with American anthropologist and Author, Thomas Murphy to discuss the Book of Mormon within the context of Native American History. We explore the legends and history of the indigenous people to see if there are connections there that help us examine the historicity of the Book of Mormon and the claims of Mormonism surrounding its imposition of Lamanites


1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 072: Neophytes & Lamanites In The Book of Mormon”

  1. Great discussion, thank you. I am interested in the book or other publications on this subject and the work you have done. I did a quick search and found nothing, wondering if I can hit the easy button and get the name of a book and/or publication or some other help finding more information? Thanks for the work you all do, it actually means a lot to those of us trying to deconstruct Mormonism

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