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She Became Visible: 003: Amanda Gonzalez


AMANDA is a recently retired esthetician of 22 years. She is a mother to a son age 19 and two little girls ages 6 and 5. Her first marriage ended leaving her a single mother. Eventually she met a wonderful man who wanted a family and they had their first daughter. Surprisingly, her baby girl was born with an open palette requiring many reconstructive surgeries. Amanda was overwhelmed and exhausted when she discovered that she was pregnant, her baby was only 4 months old! Baby girl number two was born with a genitic disorder called APERT SYNDROME. This disorder is characterized by skeletal abnormalities. A key feature of Apert syndrome is the premature closure of the bones of the skull. this early fusion prevents the skull from growing normally and affects the shape of the head and the face. Listen and watch as Amanda tells her story of being a stay at home mom with two little girls that require tons of medical intervention and care. Homeschooling during a pandemic didn’t even prevent this dynamic women from keeping up a self care routine. Her husband even joined her in changing their eating and exercise habits!

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