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She Became Visible: 007: Heather Wells


Heather created LOVEthirteen out of a lifelong passion for creative expression and beauty. Her  family took precedence over her creative side until the loss of her mother in 2013. This painful chapter and the grief that over took her awakened her and forced her to recognize the fleeting beauty of living.

She made her first set of bracelets in 2014 and they were an instant hit. These creative pieces  of jewelry are more than just baubles. Each bead and pendant is made from natures creation  and the energy found within.

Life changes for many reasons and not long after her family suffered a devastating loss of  betrayal and her family’s hugely successful company disintegrated leaving them with nothing.  She realized her fun “hobby” could actually support her family. With her husband’s support and  expertise they grew and expanded.

Heather shares her story and you will feel and observe the love and connection when you listen  and watch our episode.


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