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Where Will You Go – 007 – Second Visit with John Vervaeke

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Marti finishes her discussion with John Vervaeke. Wisdom is one of the things John Vervaeke studies. They discuss how wisdom is defined. John Vervaeke shares his experience of recognizing the trauma he experienced while practicing in a fundamentalist Christian religion. What is the meaning crisis? Why should we care? Marti shares her desire to work on relationships across difference divides.

Awakening from the Meaning Crisis:

Paper Discussed: The Science of Wisdom in a Polarized World: Knowns and Unknowns -AUTHORS: Igor Grossmann, Nic M. Weststrate, Monika Ardelt, Justin Brienza, Mengxi Dong, Michel Ferrari, Marc A. Fournier, Chao S. Hu, Howard Nusbaum, John Vervaeke


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