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Radio Free Mormon: 247: The Patriarchal Blessing from Hell!

What happens when a Patriarch gives a blessing with serious ramifications to LDS Church leadership? Quite a bit, as it turns out!

Tune in and find out what happens in this amazing but true story of a patriarchal blessing gone amok!


1 thought on “Radio Free Mormon: 247: The Patriarchal Blessing from Hell!”

  1. An interesting podcast, however there are flaws in what you’re saying: 1) there is a difference in being a literal descendant of Aaron (which is blood line)and lineage of a patriarchal blessing (theses lineage’s are not blood but of the government of god and where a person receives their blessings). The lineage in a patriarchal blessing is of the house of Israel (Jacobs sons). The stake president is the person who oversees the patriarch and has the responsibility to correct and teach a patriarch. I don’t question the feelings of the patriarch who said this young man was of the lineage of Aaron, but sometimes you might misunderstand what the prompting means(he obviously has a close connection with Aaron,but Aaron is not a lineage). President Packer who was then President of the quorum of the 12 apostles had direct responsibility over patriarchal blessings in the whole church. No one knows what counciling and learning took place in this incident between leaders and the patriarch. From your statement at the beginning you heard about this and just ran with it . This is a sad case of misunderstanding and trying really hard to prove why you don’t believe the church. Why can’t you just not believe and move on?

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