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Where Will You Go – 009 – Moving On with Rebecca Bibliotheca

Marti interviews Rebecca Bibliotheca and asks about her experience leading up to starting The Good Book Club and what it is all about. Rebecca discusses the dynamic of having older children that are practicing Latter-Day Saints and navigating those relationships and what that experience has been like.

To join or find out more information about The Good Book Club: email [email protected]


1 thought on “Where Will You Go – 009 – Moving On with Rebecca Bibliotheca”

  1. Hi Rebecca, I have two book suggestions for Mormon Stories Book Club. The first is Wife number 19. It is written by Ann Eliza Young, Brigham’s19th wife. The entire time I was reading it I had to keep looking back at when it was written because all of the information about church history today is in discussion today. Very instrumental in me leaving the church 25 years ago. I looked today and it is on Apple Books for 99cents. The other book is Unfollow by Megan Phelps-Roper. It’s her story of leaving the Westboro Baptist Church. Fascinating. By the way I’m Nan Osborne’s cousin. Looking forward to meeting you at the women’s conference.

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