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Radio Free Mormon: 250: The “Keep Sweet” Movie Review!

RFM is joined once again by Scott from Rameumptom Ruminations to review the controversial series about Warren Jeffs and the FLDS Church, “Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey“!

I had a wonderful time producing this review with Scott and hope you enjoy it, too!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 250: The “Keep Sweet” Movie Review!”

  1. Seriously….0 year old Warren Jeffs kissing a 14 year old? No big deal…..sort of. My first husband “married” a girl when he was 46 and she was 17. She had been a 5th wife before shev”married” my husband and her “husband ” was 64….she was 16….when he died…..he was supposedly supposed to be The One Mighty and Strong. Thank you Joseph Smith for listening to the revelation about plural marriage. What a crock of bull. And the church isn’t damaging….pathetic!

  2. Good job guys. I shared all those feelings myself.
    I don’t think that the FLDS is a far off shoot of mormonism either. If anything, the Lds church as we know it is the off shoot. In my opinion, the Lds should add a P for progressive latter day saints. Because they are the ones that do progress away from the mormonism Joseph Smith created. Calling themselves progressive, apologize for the mess from the past, etc, that’s what would keep members in the church.
    If not, they have to get used to be called a cult, both of them, not a lot of difference.

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