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Where Will You Go – 011 – I’d Be Curious To Know

“When we like each other, the rules change.”

Marti interviews Jim Hancock and Jim Henderson about their philosophy and background behind 3practices. They use the 3practices to discover: “What do we lose when we compromise?” The 3practices are:

One . I’ll be unusually interested in others.

Two . I’ll stay in the room with difference

Three . I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst

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Find out more about the No Joke feature-length film:

Also check out the book: Jim and Casper Go to Church by Jim Henderson and Matt Casper

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1 thought on “Where Will You Go – 011 – I’d Be Curious To Know”

  1. I hope to become a part of your group
    I live in Olympia Washington. Weneed you
    I am a retired operating room nurse
    Large family lots of dialogue
    How do I get your book?
    Are there groups near me ?

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