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Almost Awakened: 119: Contemplation Tree

The Tree of Contemplative Practices illustrates some of the many contemplative practices used in education and secular organizations. In this Episode Britt & Bill walk us through this graphic discussing its meaning and usefulness. On the Tree of Contemplative Practices, the roots symbolize the two intentions that are the foundation of all contemplative practices: cultivating awareness and developing a stronger connection to God, the Divine, or inner wisdom. The roots of the tree encompass and transcend differences in the religious traditions from which many of the practices originated, and allow room for the inclusion of new practices that are being created in secular contexts. The branches represent the different groupings of practices. For example, Stillness Practices focus on quieting the mind and body in order to develop calmness and focus. Generative Practices come in many different forms (i.e. prayers, visualizations, chanting) but share the common intent of generating thoughts and feelings of devotion and compassion, rather than calming and quieting the mind. Please note that these classifications are not definitive. For example, mantra repetition could be considered a Stillness Practice rather than a Generative one.


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  1. If you’re like someone to walk you through the Tree who really knows it, I’d be happy for an invite. I’m the person who created it for the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society back in 2003.

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