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Almost Awakened: 121: Dangerous Ideas

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Britt and Bill explore the concept of “Dangerous Ideas”. Ideas that have the potential to turn our world upside down or to cause disruption to current systems, the outside world, or chaos to the inner mind.


  • Sending signals into space to contact extraterrestrial life
  • Is not having a concept of Free Will dangerous
  • Believing jesus will return and set everything straight
  • Love your enemy
  • Having a worldwide basic living income
  • Capitalism for prisons
  • Humans came into the world rather than from it  – not fleshed out enough in my mind
  • Evolution controls us
  • Transhumanism – allowing people to live longer may in fact slowdown progress and the implementation of new ideas
  • If we can create consciousness should we
  • Louis CK Pedophile doll
  • Should we bring children into the world, should secular people have more children
  • Mouse embryos with no sperm or eggs – possibilities for LGBT children
  • Teach history of religion in schools
  • Allow religions to exist for the masses
  • Differences between races
  • Transgender folks allowed in gendered sports?
  • Social Darwinism
  • Should men and women orgasm equally?

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