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Almost Awakened: 122: Privilege & Broken Systems – And The Invitation to Wake Up

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Bill runs solo today and decides to talk about Privilege. How privilege permits a person or group of people to redistribute negatively felt experiences or trauma and allowing others or imposing others take that additional trauma or negative experience on. He then talks about who were the system makers. Why did we choose them to be our voice? To make our systems? To create our rules? Bill points out that even when someone comes along such as Jesus to help us deconstruct the system and hold system leaders accountable, notice how the message is twisted and sabotaged so that the privileged remain at the top and now manage the message of the the one who came to disrupt the system. Bill wraps up the episode inviting us to see through all that clutter and to take our lives back by leaning into awareness, being present, and showing up in our life with focus and intention that allows you to have greater capacity to be a good actor in the world around you.


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