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Dissident Daughters Episode 030- Feel All the Feelings

Today I just jumped on totally unplanned to talk through a wave of emotions I had come up for me. This happens from time to time and I feel a bunch of grief for everything I lost in my faith crisis, mostly relationships that have changed and will never be the same. I know it’s okay to feel all the feelings and that’s why I wanted to record this quick episode to get some of my feelings out, to share with you all where I’m at in my journey and hopefully connect with others who are going through the same thing. Hang in there everybody, it’s a lot!


1 thought on “Dissident Daughters Episode 030- Feel All the Feelings”

  1. Thank you for sharing how you felt those feelings. This practice has been on my mind all day & then I came across your post. I’m also finding that unexpected things come up and stir up painful feelings. My challenge is telling myself it’s alright to cycle through the same stuff….that I’m not a mess. There’s a voice in my head that wants to blame me for not solving the problem, for not having things under control. I think, how many books do I have to read, how many pod casts, how many therapists b4 I get over it? So, you helped me to be kinder to myself.

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