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Emancipate Your Mind: 092: First Steps Towards Healing Fragile Masculinity with Kevin Hales

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In this Part 2 episode with Licensed Professional Counselor, Kevin Hales, we explore some of the first steps towards healing fragile masculinity.

Kevin shares ideas about what men themselves can do to become aware of and heal subconscious programming about what it means to be a man. He also talks about how those of us in relationship with men who may feel insecure about others stepping out of the roles society has provided for them can create safe spaces for conflict resolution conversations.



WANT TO TALK WITH KEVIN? Kevin is a licensed professional counselor at Colorado Counseling Center in Centennial and Castle Rock, Colorado. Licensed therapists in the United States can only practice in the state they are licensed in. If you’re anywhere in Colorado, Kevin would love to talk with you about religious trauma, marriage relationships, family relationships, parenting or addictions of any kind. Find him at his website here:

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