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Mormonism LIVE: 105: When Mormon Leaders Encourage Violence

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Since 1830 Mormonism has, as likely a part of it’s persecution complex, used violent rhetoric and has taught its members to use violent means. That rhetoric either leads to further violence or at least creates safer spaces for violence to occur. Today we look into Mormonism Past and Present to expose a history wide pattern of Mormon Leaders Encouraging Violence.


Boyd K Packer “To Young Men Only” –

Wiki Temple Penalties –

Church acknowledge Joseph Smith Approved the Danites –

Oath of Vengence –

Journal of Discourses Brigham Young encouraging Murdering adulterers & “Blood Atonement” –

Wilford Woodruff Journal Where Brigham Approves of the “Mountain Meadows Massacre” –

The Bishop Warren Snow castration story –

Marion G Romney suggesting it better for one to come home in a casket rather than lose one’s virtue –

Mark E Peterson repeating Romney’s sentiments –

Elder Holland suggesting defenders of the faith pick up muskets and aim them at those who oppose the Church –

Year of Polygamy Podcast “Culture of Violence” –


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