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Where Will You Go – 015 – My Spiritual Life

Marti interviews Morgan from My Spiritural LIfe and her husband Jared. They talk about how there is more than one way to exmormon, like not hating on Mormons constantly and not falling in line with progressive politics.

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1 thought on “Where Will You Go – 015 – My Spiritual Life”

  1. Morgan, and especially Jared, demonstrate how deep white supremacy has infected the conservative, “blessed” (privileged) class of white young people, which is clearly Morgan and Jared’s perspective. Many of their talking points are what contemporary racists say, like, a victim of racism will “take it that way” based on their “political” persuasion?? Or a brown person being asked if they are looking for the Spanish speaking ward is an ok (non-racist) query? These young people are coming from a solidly white, and limited-experienced, narrow world view. Cringe. It was hard to hear that (some) young people lack a menial effort at understanding the “other side” to this extent.

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