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Where Will You Go – 016 – Exmo Drag Artist Trump Supporter

Marti talks to Ryan Woods, the creator of Lady Maga USA. They discuss his Latter-Day Saint background and his political activism.

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9 thoughts on “Where Will You Go – 016 – Exmo Drag Artist Trump Supporter”

  1. As an LGBTQ+ ex-Mormon, I am deeply offended you are giving this clown a platform. We are in crisis. We are fucking being shot at, and this is the moron you give air to? Unbelievable. Not funny and offensive as hell.

    1. I assure you I was not trying to be funny. I am deeply concerned that conversations are not being had across difference divides and I do my best to have them. I found Ryan to be a very interesting person and I was proud to publish this episode. I’d be curious to know what specifically you found offensive about the episode.

  2. I cannot be a drag queen if I don’t allow religious people to discriminate is an ignorant argument. By the same token, slavery should not have been abolished. Just people practicing their religion. Separate but equal should also still be allowed right?

    1. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you for actually listening to the episode. Too often I get the feeling that people dismiss it before they even listen. I’m curious to know if you were surprised by anything from the episode?

      1. I’m always surprised by the crazy stuff MAGAs believe (e.g., vaccines and masks don’t work). Mkay. Someone needs to repeat 8th grade science When I was young, we used to laugh at the tabloid BS.

  3. Facts? Too funny. Every other civilized nation in the world does not have the number of gun related deaths that we do. I think you don’t know the definition of “facts”.

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