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Dissident Daughters Episode 036- Stories of My Life Part 1

Today I do a deep dive into all the stories of my life. This is part 1 so it’s of my growing up years, family life, friends, dating, figuring myself out etc. I had kind of 2 parts of my life, first 10 years which consisted of moving at least 6 times to 3 different states, my family growing and growing (to 9 children) and all the turmoil of that. And then I have the next 10 years which became more stable, we lived in one house, I was better able to stabilize myself, friends, interests etc. I had some struggles with mental health. And I also had really great times with good friends and a solid foundation of testimony in the gospel. I hope you find it interesting, it was fun to kind of put it all out there but also very vulnerable for me so be gentle 🙂


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