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She Became Visible: Episode 27: Just Ask the Librarian. Rebecca Bibliotheca shares her critical thinking journey.

Rebecca is a mother to three boys, cofounder of “The Good Book Club”, a virtual reading group for post and nuance Mormons, cohost of “Mormon Media Reviews” with Steven Pynakker, leader of the “Mormon Stories Book Club” and creator and co-host of “Mormonish Podcast”. She has a Masters of Library and Information Science from BYU. Rebecca was raised in an LDS home that was very orthodox and scripturally based in spite of her parents being science and biologically experts in their fields. She explains her slow departure from active attendance in the Mormon Church.
facebook = THE GOOD BOOK CLUB private virtual book club
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YouTube = Mormon Stories, Jan. 6 2023, Nonverts: The Making of Ex-Christian America w/Stephen Bullivant


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