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Jenn Kamp And John Dehlin At 8-30-2022 OSF Board Meeting

Included here is the complaint OSF filed


Jenn Kamp’s Complaint Filed


1 thought on “Jenn Kamp And John Dehlin At 8-30-2022 OSF Board Meeting”

  1. I can barely listen to this interrogation!!! The board member is truly gaslighting this girl. In one breath, he saying, “you actually recorded him?
    That sounds pretty questionable to me“ In the next breath, he saying “well I hope you didn’t erase it because it would be very beneficial for me to listen to it”, right after he had said that he didn’t want to listen to it! I think any woman who is in a room alone with a man who is yelling at her should record that conversation. Why? For her safety, which she is trying so desperately to communicate to this board member. It just makes me sick.

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