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Radio Free Mormon: 266: John Dehlin Files Countersuit Against Jenn Kamp

Former Open Stories Foundation employee Jenn Kamp has gone public recently about the lawsuit she has filed against John Dehlin and the OSF.

Now John Dehlin and OSF have filed a countersuit against Jenn Kamp.

This episode covers that countersuit.

Included here is the complaint OSF filed


Jenn Kamp’s Complaint Filed


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 266: John Dehlin Files Countersuit Against Jenn Kamp”

  1. I thank you for this podcast. I have listened to both sides from what’s been posted. I absolutely support John Dehlin in this situation
    Jenn Kamp is textbook,at showing what a person with personality disorders caused by her PTSD and childhood trauma acts like. She did not hear what John was saying to her. She did not hear what the board was saying. She has an agenda. A victim agenda for sure. But what stood out to me is she wants money, ruin John Dehlin’s reputation, and take down Mormon Stories because her overinflated sense of self did not get her way. Which again tells me she needs more therapy not a raise or more responsibility she is not capable of handling. Which brings me to her salary. Her salary was very generous for someone who was entry level with no experience. She demonstrates a lot of magical thinking. Over-inflating her experience and job duties. And her role for Mormon Stories. She worked for them, they did not work for her.
    Watching her scripted video on You Tube was disturbing. When her crying didn’t work, and her snarky threatening didn’t work, she played the sexual harassment card.
    She gives women who are truly abused in the workplace a bad name.
    She should never work as a life couch until her mental health is stable. I hope she realizes that is not a therapist role. She throws tantrums and causes trouble when she doesn’t get her own way. She dies not take any accountability for her part in this. And demands a lot of attention
    I watched podcasts she was co-hosting and John would turn to her often and ask “are you ok”? Always asking if she wanted to say something or ask a question.
    Another thing suspect is this happened at her last job? Doesn’t she understand salaried personnel usually don’t get paid for overtime and work hard long hours sometimes. I have worked both hourly and salaried positions. Does she even have a sense of reality about the workforce?
    And did she try to throw Maven under the bus? And Geraldo? That’s not cool either.
    Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion I wish John Dehlin the best outcome and truly hope Jenn gets the help she needs. If she doesn’t change from a victim mentality to one of a survivor, she will have these same problems over and over again

  2. While I question the standing of Jenn’s lawsuit, I have found it disconcerting to read so many cruel and sometimes misogynistic comments, which I attribute to our Mormon acculturation. Not much balanced criticism here. Problems surrounding John’s judgment is not a one-off here.
    How is it that a CEO of a many years run organization who is a life coach with a PhD in Psychology continues to make such poor management decisions including letting Jenn co-host such a prominent podcast with no prior experience? And John’s long history of interpersonal staffing conflicts and turnover makes me wonder what the board is doing to address these problems.
    One thing that really struck a negative chord with me was John’s admission of texting while interviewing someone during a live broadcast. Seriously?
    I have been a supporter of John’s for years but I have come to see him as someone whose ego is getting in his own way and have soured on him at this point.

  3. Hi I believe this is one of the most needed podcast I’ve ever watched. Mormons are confused and dazed and so are Lutherans, Catholics and jews. We all need to educate ourselves on what’s going on in the name of God. I love John’s transparency and courage. I wish the Mormon leaders would watch this and give it a thumbs up. John maybe could tone it down a bit but he’s not any different than other male podcast influences. My gosh this has been unfortunate but I feel employers should vet their employees better. She has reason to cry for what happened to her. Therapy should have been suggested before she was hired! Everything that happened just snowballed on her and made her problems exacerbated. I’m fascinated with all the abuse in the Mormon church and that it is at all levels. The church puts on a great front.I felt sorry for her but she needs to spend her money on cptsd therapy instead of a lawyer.She should watch John’s interview with Jesse Hilderbrant.Her self help has helped so many others seek help.Its my favorite pod cast. So proud of her and you Dr John for the truths of cults, abusive people in the church parenting. I’m learning so much. Thank you!

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