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Dissident Daughters Episode 043- Missionaries in Danger

Today I talked about a recent story in the news about a missionary in Colombia who was stabbed. I maybe should have titled this episode “Gross” because I used that word to describe so many stories in this episode. I am troubled by the whole missionary program in the church and the irresponsible behavior by the church in sending missionaries into dangerous situations, and places where they can’t get the medical care they need, they sometimes can’t communicate their needs because of language barriers and the shaming and judging that goes on in relation to things that happen to missionaries. How do we create faith promoting stories around others suffering? Why is this a thing?


4 thoughts on “Dissident Daughters Episode 043- Missionaries in Danger”

  1. Thanks for your words and thoughts here . Interesting , honest , thought provoking. I served a mission in France long ago. We rode small motorbikes everywhere. A new sister missionary came into a city where I served. She was extremely nervous about getting on that bike we had for her . She was really incapable of it and I could see it. I worked with her a couple times on side roads but hell I was a 20 year old and had a lot of what I thought was ‘ faith and God would protect her ‘ until she could get skilled enough to be confident and capable. Her senior comp was to watch over her and make sure she didn’t get into a bunch of crazy French traffic . Well …two days later she got pinched up against a curb by a big truck, panicked and fell under the wheels and was run over by the rear wheels. Across her torso Shook me up , of course , I castigated myself for a long time . How did I just ignore such obvious danger ? Dismiss it so easily ? And also ….what’s the deal with God ? Like he couldn’t protect this beautiful spirit that just wanted to serve him ?
    I am an art collector and enthusiast and I hang out with and travel with many artists ( they are such good people !) and one of them always tells me , “ Mike , it’s simple. People just believe what they want to believe “ and the older I get the more I realize it’s about as simple as that.
    It is said that the greatest lesson the Buddha ever taught was to hold up a lily . In so doing some would see a flower and others ? Perhaps God or the eternities or perhaps beauty & gratitude ? We all see and understand so differently. As you so well illustrated ….people can see God in anything .
    I no longer understood as I did as a child or as a youth or as a returned missionary. I came to a point where I had to be honest. Honest to myself . And I ask “ Am I being truthful to what I know ?or am I just pretending ?” I did a very deep dive into religion & philosophy staying as open and neutral as I could manage. I found my truth and I was set free. Much like the dialogue of Plato’s The Republic . The Cave. I walked out of that cave 15 years ago and it changed my life . And now ? I only live in gratitude . Many of my Utah friends are TBM’s . I cherish their friendships but we never never talk politics or religion. We just cannot do it.
    In short ….thanks for what you do. It is immensely important. I am certain it takes effort and courage . I so appreciate you and others that give voice to all of us. Cheers , Mike Larsen

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. That is so sad about the sister missionary in your mission. I hope she made a full recovery. I loved what you said about “People just believe what they want to believe”, that is so true. Thanks for listening and for your support!

  2. Great job on the episode. My mission in Chile 06-08 was also very dangerous. I was robbed multiple times, once at gunpoint, chased by thugs. One time they were chasing us with an ax and chains. I regularly had rocks thrown at me in a few areas. It got to the point where I’d carry two wallets. A fake one with some money and my real one with my cards and most of my money. That one stayed in my backpack. My mission was anything but safe.

    1. Wow, I am blown away by the stories I’ve been hearing. It’s crazy that people don’t talk about this in their homecoming stories lol! Thanks for sharing and for listening!

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