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Mormon Discussion: 380: Examining the LDS Prophetic Mantle

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims to be led by Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.  That these men are special witnesses of Christ.  That they speak to God and discern his will for us.  Latter-day Saints are taught that these men are like Moses, Noah, and Abraham.  We take a look at these claims to see if in fact there is observable evidence that can help us evaluate if these men are Prophets in deed.


Document exposing problems with LDS Truth Claims –

Document giving context to issues around the Messy issues of Mormonism –

Dr. Lowery Nelson Correspondence with the First Presidency –

Gospel Topic Essay on Race and Priesthood –

Stewart Udall’s experience with Church Leadership on the topics of Race –

Document with all changed Doctrines and Beliefs –


4 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 380: Examining the LDS Prophetic Mantle”

  1. Loved this! Everybody has 45 minutes in their life to get a quick thumbnail run down of problematic events, looking at contradictions in ‘doctrinal teachings’ with scrutiny, and evaluating their stance of where they should place belief and trust. I love that this does not focus on all the early truth claims (while important, but can be overwhelming and swamp the boat too fast), you cover things in this overview that are more applicable in current or real life teachings and experiences as a member of the church. I wish I was brave enough to shout it from the rooftops, share this episode on my social media accounts, pass it to friends and family… we need brave voices like yours! Thank you for all you do. You help lift others and provide a platform of learning, expansion, and shared experiences.

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  3. Appreciate this overview of the many changes in doctrines and beliefs of the church and how things have changed over time . Good for me to hear in a clear way what these currents beliefs actually are . I’m 70 years old and have lived through many of these changing teachings & temple ceremony procedures . The church goes to great extent to obscure and avoid talking about so many of these things it can become easy over time to lose track of what the current doctrines actually are . What was once considered doctrine can easily be abandoned now ( without the church making any statements about it )
    I recently had a long discussion with a TBM relative about DOCTRINE . His stance being unwavering that it is impossible for a doctrine , any doctrine , to change . Only policy can change as doctrines are eternal . And God is eternal and unchanging . We just went around in circles and remained firmly convinced that we each had the correct perspective . As a dear artist friend of mine always says to me , “ Mike it’s easy , people just believe what they want to believe “ . Indeed .

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