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Mormonism LIVE: 117: Changes To The Temple & The Ethics of Ensign Peak Advisors

In this week’s episode we discuss the recent news of the Temple Changes and just how far the original Endowment has been altered. And the Second half of the show will involve the recent legal settlement with the LDS Church and it’s Ensign Peak Advisors and culminating with RFM’s lightbulb moment sensing that the Landscape of Mormonism has changed and his novel idea around such. Temple Changes Resources: SEC Alleged Fraud RESOURCES: SEC Report – SEC Press statement – Church Response – RFM’s Lawsuit Idea

1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 117: Changes To The Temple & The Ethics of Ensign Peak Advisors”

  1. Love the show and you fellas standing for TRUTH! Tiny correction of RFM on episode 117: Time stamp 1:50:00 RFM said the “business managers” of the 13 shell LLCs are “investment managers” who work for EPA. Some could be perhaps, but my brother-in-law, Nathan Brown, is the named business manager for Ashmore Wealth Management, LLC, one of the 13. He never has and does not now work for EPA. In fact, he is an accountant/auditor for the LDS Church who travels around the country and even world auditing the books of stakes/wards/missions.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

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