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Almost Awakened: 146: A Magical Conversation With An Atheist Witch

Hartley and Reel sit down TikTok Sensation Jordan The Grey Witch, an Atheist Witch to discuss what it even means in 2023 to be a witch and how being a witch plays out.


3 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 146: A Magical Conversation With An Atheist Witch”

  1. My 9th great grandmother was one of the accused witches hung during the Salem Witch Trials and it’s been fascinating to learn the history and the fanaticism during that time. She was 71 and a midwife. I love this !thank you for doing this

  2. I found this a very strange interview, in that she is a witch who does not believe in the supernatural. But then I believe in such things, including the existence of the demonic. I have known both current and former (now Evangelical) witches and shamans, who said they have repeatedly encountered spirits & demons, and that they had absolutely no doubt about their reality. I tend to think demons have strategized that this woman should be kept in the dark about their existence, so she will promote this worldview.

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