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Dissident Daughters Episode 046- Interview with a Spiritual Companion Celeste Davis

Where did your spirituality end up after your faith crisis? If you are like many of us, we are still trying to figure that out! Today I sit down with Celeste Davis, one of my very favorite ex-mormon content creators! If you don’t already follow Celeste, you should be! She is wise and witty and has officially become a spiritual companion to help those transitioning out of religion to find their own spirituality, even if that means you land on atheism (that’s still a belief)! We talk about her faith transition and her exploring her new beliefs and helping others do the same! You can follow her @celestemdavis on Instagram or go to her website to learn about what it means to be a spiritual companion and even schedule a session with her to explore your spirituality. She can help guide you towards whatever new spiritual beliefs you want to lean into or no spirituality at all! I love this conversation!


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