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LDS Apologists & The Invention And Coverup Of Richard Nygren

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Join us as we expose the shocking story of how a group of 5 white LDS apologists fabricated a black apologist, Richard Nygren, to provide cover for one of their own. Through detailed investigation and interviews with key players, we reveal the disturbing truth behind this deceitful act and its coverup as well as the impact it has on those involved and on the Mormon apologetic community.   It will be best to watch the video version on YouTube which is here –


Steven Smoot addressing a similar act in the past –

PDF of the evidence –

Neville Neville Land Blog Post on Nygren –
Backup Version –

Parker Confirming he is Peter Pan –
Backup of the same –

Boylan’s First Mention of Nygren (Includes commentary of Spencer Kraus beforehand showing his close relationship with Kraus) –
Backup of the same –

Parker and Boylan Discussing the Nygren Affair –
Backup of the same –

Mike Parker in Family Pawn speaking to Bill Reel’s son and a separate employee –



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