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Radio Free Mormon: 275: GenCon Digest–Sunday Afternoon Session

This session contains what is sure to be the most controversial talk in this entire General Conference.

The talk was given by Elder Ahmed Corbitt, and has produced the new Mormon Bumper Sticker Slogan, “CHOOSE THE CHURCH OVER YOUR CHILDREN!”

I am so not making this up!

Listen at your peril!



2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 275: GenCon Digest–Sunday Afternoon Session”

  1. I came to this site because of the illuminating Bushman interview, but did not realize you had turned so hostile. I can certainly understand why, and I appreciate the insightful knowledge and, where it appears, genuine criticism—most sincerely, in fact. The Church has no small list of shortcomings and stumbling blocks, and neither does Christianity—or religion—in general. On the other hand, I find the attitude portrayed here, however morally and psychically justified, to nevertheless be equally untenable. The Holy Ghost has always superceded human reason, no matter the context, and it is indeed this very “gnostic” reality that threatens most to undermine orthodoxy—more so than the “progressive” idea of some post-spiritual, rationalistic society where “common sense” reigns, and all are reduced to merely social/socialized organisms, with no divinity or transcendence in them.

    I miss the “Come unto Christ” outro.

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