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She Became Visible: Episode 37: Channel Achenbach Becomes Visible

Channel grew up in San Antonio, Tx. She has always been a questioner and a seeker which led to her conversion to Mormonism. In spite of being told that she was less than as a Black Women, she was encouraged constantly to become MORE as she was the example to all African American members to be better than they were in their less than perfect pre-existence. After over 30 years of tokenism and structured indoctrination, she is now a woman standing up for who she always knew she was.


2 thoughts on “She Became Visible: Episode 37: Channel Achenbach Becomes Visible”

  1. Thank’s everyone for all this information appreciate the assortment of individuals coming forward. Very educational for outsiders , people not familiar with what exactly goes on inside the insular LDS world. Uncovering the very disonest facade. All the best on your healing journey .Not a Mormon never was no desire at all.Just curiosity No need to reply

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