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What is Chronic Grief?: She Became Visible: 038

All of humanity will experience grief at sometime in their lives. But, what is chronic grief? Today René is releasing a previously aired podcast with her friend Cindy Wolf. Cindy explains perfectly that having to establish a “new normal” everyday is exhausting and strenuous. Listen as Cindy tells her story of how SHE BECAME VISIBLE!

2 thoughts on “What is Chronic Grief?: She Became Visible: 038”

  1. I basically sobbed off and on with this entire episode. I have two girls with high needs autism (undiagnosed because I’m also very aware how a diagnosis may negatively affect them lifelong). But their diagnosis is very clear to every professional who has helped them thus far.

    I have no community. All my other nieces and nephews and neighbor kids are seemingly thriving in life.

    It’s such a hard grief to deal with because as a parent, of course I’m on board taking care of them lifelong even though it’s exhausting (my youngest couldn’t sleep through the night the first ten years of her life). But I can’t control what happens after I die. It’s something I think about obsessively and I am getting therapy for that.

    Anyway, this episode helped me realize that other parents are dealing with this and I really need to find a community.

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Erin,
      My heart is aching for you. We have a grandson on the spectrum and my bones ache as I watch my daughter re-living my life as a caregiver. You are not alone but I know you feel alone, because bottom line, the care always falls back on your shoulders. I hope you can find a group that can support you. Keep looking, it took us 30 years to find help but he gave us such needed respite. Sending you love, René

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