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Honest Conversations About Faith with Jacob Hansen & Bill Reel – Session 1 – Morality: MD: 381

Honest Conversations About Faith w/ Jacob Hansen & Bill Reel: Session 1: Morality Rarely in Mormonism do people in disagreement sit down to enter conversations about the issues upon which they disagree with understanding and healthy dialogue being at the forefront. But LDS Faithful believer Jacob Hansen and Ex-Mormon atheist Bill Reel sit down to discuss Morality. The goal of this conversation as well as any that may follow is to create a space where both parties seek to best understand the other’s point of view and to have a safe space to add clarity and context to one’s perspective to ensure as little misunderstanding as possible. The hope is that these conversations give listeners a well rounded view of controversial issues so that they might be able to work out their own thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives in a safe environment and to show both sides that healthy disagreement can in fact happen. Jacob Hansen Bio: Jacob is a Life long member of the LDS Church (His Mom is a convert) He served a mission in Argentina 2005-2007 Jacob graduated at BYU Hawaii with a Business Degree He is a Podcaster, Youtuber, Blogger He is the only one of his 8 siblings still active in the church. He has served primarily in the young men’s organization in his ward for the past 10 years including recently serving as 2nd and then 1st counselor in ward bishopric. Primary interests: Philosophy, History, Religion, Sailing, Surfing, JiuJitsu, Hunting, Adventures. He married his college sweetheart in 2010 and they have 4 kids. Bill Reel bio: Bill was a convert to the LDS Church at 17 years old. He served as a Bishop in that same ward from the age of 29 to 34. While a sitting Bishop, Bill had a faith crisis and began deconstructing his beliefs going so far as to deconstruct Christ and God. While Bill is satisfied with the label of Atheist he also considers himself a mystic and drawn to secular Buddhism. Bill is the Executive Director for the Non-Profit Mormon Discussion Inc and host/co-hosts several podcasts including Mormonism LIVE and the Almost Awakened Podcast. Bill and his wife have been married 25 years and they have 4 children and 3 grandkids and they reside in Washington Utah


1 thought on “Honest Conversations About Faith with Jacob Hansen & Bill Reel – Session 1 – Morality: MD: 381”

  1. Jacob: I have listened to your three episodes with Bill Reel and find you to be extremely inconsiderate and rude. You maximize the conversation, talk over Bill, jump in while he is talking, steer the conversation to what you want to talk about, etc. Being rude doesn’t prove your arguments. Talking the most does not prove your arguments. You need to listen to Bill and allow him to finish instead of just thinking of what you are going to say and jumping in as soon as you feel. If you would wait until Bill is finished, then reply, I may continue listening. At present, I have zero desire to listen to any more episodes. I find you and your arguments specious and tedious.

    Unfortunately, you model the worst of Mormonism/LDS/TCoJCoLDS. You have given me no reason to ever listen to any of your episodes.

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