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RFM: 282: Why is RFM Such an SOB?

On the May 17, 2023 episode of Mormonism Live, a listener named Justin called into the show.

Justin identified himself as a believing Mormon.  I took the opportunity to ask Justin a series of questions about his beliefs regarding what a prophet could do that would be so bad that Justin would no longer consider him a prophet.

A number of listeners have provided feedback to that segment that was highly critical of the way I conducted myself.

This episode is my response to that listener feedback.


2 thoughts on “RFM: 282: Why is RFM Such an SOB?”

  1. I’ve had these same types of Q & A with close friends and family members . Those that remain TBM. I no longer engage in such things as it is anxiety producing and in some ways confounding to me . I’ve spent many years studying the history and doctrines of the church and I’ve found all the answers I require but I’m fully aware that these answers were hard earned and pertain only to me . I’d someone isn’t willing to do the work with curiosity and considerable effort they will not be able to see other points of view. Their minds will remain closed to new ideas . I sometimes assume that I can point out some of the serious problems with the Churches truth claims and others will see it as I do and that is almost never the case . Confirmation Bias and indoctrination are powerful beyond belief with some . I know , I lived it for 40+ years myself . Finally I realized that I had to quit pretending and I had to do the work to find out for myself , from a neutral position and then have the courage to follow the truth . It takes courage to be honest as it is so much easier to just keep on keeping on and pretend to believe the crazy stuff .
    It’s the same with politics . Trump is the perfect example . But I won’t go there with this message. But there are parallels for certain .
    There are reasons to stay TBM . Some will no matter what they actually believe . I have some friends in that category . They stay for family , for job situation and mostly for community . It’s what they know and without it who are they ? People believe what they want to believe . I leave it at that. I have friends that are hard TBM’s and many friends that know nothing of Mormons and even some that are very opposed to the church and bitter about it . I accept one and all equally. We are supposed to understand differently . More interesting that way !

  2. In the 1970’s when I was a graduate student, I had one of my professors ask me essentially the same question you asked. His question was this: What would it take for you to see that it is false?

    I told him that there was nothing which would cause that realization for a Mormon who believes, because we can always manufacture some sort of apologetic which allows us to continue believing. Your conclusion was correct and I think Justin should have given something like the answer I gave to my professor.

    Facts do not always change the mind of those who are true believers, or if they do, which did ultimately happen with me, it may take a very long time. He had learned about the Mountain Meadows Massacre, was horrified by it, and had mentioned it to me, but I had already read the “true story” in Essentials in Church History by Joseph Fielding Smith and knew it had to do with one depraved individual and could not be a legitimate reason to doubt the truthfulness of the Church. In any case, I was way too busy trying to study my subject to spend time thinking about obscure historical events.

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