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RFM: 284: The Mormon Polygamy Controversy!

One of the key components in the controversy over whether Joseph Smith or Brigham Young instituted plural marriage is the dating of Section 132.

Some proponents of the idea Brigham Young started plural marriage in the Church argue Section 132 was written by Brigham Young or someone at his direction AFTER Joseph Smith died, but was falsely attributed to Joseph Smith by Brigham Young when it was first published in the 1876 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants.

RFM presents a textual analysis of three affidavits published June 7, 1844 in the Nauvoo Expositor which conclusively demonstrates the text of Section 132 existed in all material respects during Joseph Smith’s lifetime.  This means Section 132 was not created by Brigham Young or anyone else after Joseph Smith’s death.




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