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RFM: 286: No Ma’am, That’s Not History!

Did Joseph Smith practice polygamy?  As obvious as the answer to that question may seem to you and to other trained professional historians both inside and outside the LDS Church, there is a small but growing group of Mormons or former Mormons who maintain that Joseph Smith did NOT practice polygamy.

Ms. Michelle Stone is one such person, and she posted a podcast responding to the Mormonism Live episode from a couple of weeks ago where we put forward the compelling evidence that Joseph Smith DID IN FACT practice polygamy.

In this podcast, I show how Ms. Stone’s response to the evidence we presented is woefully inadequate, and further has all the earmarks of the types of “reasoning” and “logic” common to conspiracy theorists of all stripes.

This is one for the record books!


1 thought on “RFM: 286: No Ma’am, That’s Not History!”

  1. The church will have to rewrite its history with the exposure of new civilizations under the polar ice caps. I’m assuming they will use the list 116 pages to do that. Bendard has mentioned in a KSL article “ You ain’t seen nothing yet” I’m assuming that’s what he’s talking about.

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